Ideation and

Refers to the process of developing and conveying prescriptive ideas to others, typically in a business setting. It describes the sequence of thoughts, from the original concept to implementation. Ideations can spring forth from past or present knowledge, external influences, opinions, convictions, or principles. Ideation can be expressed in graphical, written, or verbal terms

The act or process of forming an idea or principle in your mind – This is the first stepping stone towards the inception of anything worthwhile. It first starts in your imagination, a mere concept or an idea that may or may not be feasible. Aditech specializes in addressing the feasibility of your ideas, converting your ideas into functional designs. Aditech prides itself in possessing the required skill set and tools to convert your ideas into real tangible products….We make it Happen!

The summer of 2019 was witness to the birth of an idea which went on to become one of our most popular and innovative value for money products.


While on a family vacation to Phuket, the budget airline we were booked on lacked in-house entertainment options. The flight, which was a couple of hours long had restless passengers resorting to their mobile phones to get them through the dull, long journey ahead. Inquisitive by nature, I realised that everyone around me was struggling to handle their phones, unable to attain a comfortable position for viewing. Shifting hands and cricking necks were all around me. I spend the entire flight brooding on how this can be resolved.

The unpleasant experience stayed with me and was instrumental in the birth of an idea – A holder that was simple in design, minimally invasive and gave access to all your device ports. Something which could work as a substitute for tired hands, could be hung or converted to a stand-alone support for your mobile device.

Post our vacation I headed back to our creative team and shared this idea. The seed of a new design concept was sown. Numerous brain storming sessions resulted in various sketches, modifications and improvements in design. The test phase had 3D modelling and prototyping initiated before the final tools for EasyMo were created. Development work on its packaging and marketing was being handled simultaneously, and in a record time of 7 months from inception we were ready to launch. EasyMo has since gone on to be a huge success on online platforms in India and world markets especially as a corporate gift option.