Product Design
and Development

Product Design
and Development

Aditech’s team of in house designers are dedicated to cater exclusively to your product design and development. We execute projects by providing all round services that encompasses all steps ranging from product design to final development. We offer valuable assistance in the selection of appropriate material based on each product’s unique application and intended audience. We strive to stay updated with the latest in technology and market trends and are able to apply our expertise to convert your ideas into reality.

A casual meeting with an acquaintance led to discussions about a product he had been mulling over. The discussion was fuelled with the product’s potential and ramifications if any. We agreed to evaluate the product and requested for an existing sample. The ideation process had begun.

Detailed analysis of the product’s strengths and weaknesses was addressed. Research began, competing products were considered, market potential explored, leading to deliberation of its utility and scope for improvement of the product. This base idea was transformed into another successful in-house product – The EasyRead. The ideation process was followed by the actual design and a hand fabricated prototype was engineered to allow an actual feel of the envisioned design. More discussions followed and work on the prototype was finalised after decisive modifications. Once the 3D design was approved, Rapid Prototype was created and the Tooling process was initiated. The project took a record time of 4 months and we were ready for launch.


Launch of the EasyRead was accompanied by customer feedback and requests for a bigger version. Ideation for our ergonomically designed, larger version – The EasyRead Pro was now in place. The EasyRead and its larger version the EasyRead Pro are amongst our top selling products in India and world markets today.

How we work :-

  • We transform your ideas, assist you with detailed research and development to convert your idea into your envisioned product.
  • We mould your researched idea and available technology into your envisioned product.
  • We help your product gain aesthetic appeal and functionality by enhancing your original idea, available technology and working prototype.
  • We evolve your product idea from drawings or prototypes available to actual functional products.